Flatbed Trailers

Semi-Flatbed Trailer


12 Container lock fitted with center mounting option, covered by 3mm chequered plates and outer frame of 180mm fitted for extra strength and longer life. Cross member are fitted of 100mm 6mm thick.


2 Coats of epoxy primer followed by 2K paint Colour of your choice up to two combinations.

Landing Gears

OMS Landing Gears with spring type.

King Pin

2” or 3” flanged bolted resistant to high degrees of tension brakes, produced from forged steel. Easy to change thanks to screw connections. EU Certified.


Bumpers, spare wheel carrier for two tyres, fire extinguisher lateral Protection Bar Bracket wheel wedge, Tool Box, Jack With Wheel Spanner.

  • ABS (Ant-lock Brake System)
  • Load Sensing Technology
Type: Flat Bed type
Capacity: 32 Tons
Tire Unit And Dimension: 6+1 385 / 65R 22.5” for Air Suspension.
- 12+1 Bridgestone 315/70R 22.5” for mechanical suspension Wheel rims AM
Dimensions of the tires are determined considering the nearest load index value to technical criteria.
Chassis: It has been produced by Submerged arc welding crossing from high resistant steel considering Loads proper to capacity and intended usage size between 450mm to 500mm. 16mm top flange 8mm web 20mm bottom flange with 16mm reinforcement plate under neck.
Axle: 3X12 Tons Axles with two axles fitted with ABS sensors.
Air Suspension: Suspension hanger bracket of 8mm with front lifting axle, also height control air bellows with Z Spring fitted, SACHS shock absorbers
Mechanical Suspension: German type suspension,Equalizer 10mm fitted with rubber bush BPW original, hanger bracket 8mm welded directly to chassis for Stability, All control arms fitted with original BPW bushes.
Brake: Brakes system is used according to the EU standards,
Rotter valve lifting axle system Handbrake valve,
T30/30 Brake chamber x 4,
T30 Brake chamber x 2.
Height: Depending on the customer requirement
Width: Depending on the customer requirement
Electric Installation: Complete Lighting System with LED Tail-light
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